How to Make Your Custom Home Efficient

When we started to make energy-efficient construction in Minneapolis our focus every Monday, we went into it believing that there is not a single home out there which embodies “energy-efficient” so well that it literally has no emissions. During the course of our research, however, we did find one which has not only reduced its carbon footprint to nothing, but is quite fashionable as well! Called the Zero Home, we found this amazing marvel of energy-efficient construction here.

What is the Zero Home?

This single-family, 4300-square-foot home outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, though not certified Platinum by LEED, would certainly qualify for this highest honor with all the things which went into the construction and day-to-day running of this outstanding home. Constructed by a pair of home contractors in Salt Lake City, they report that the cost of construction was no greater than that of conventional homes—about $150 per square foot.

What Makes It Special

Wide Lumber.Several things have been noted in how construction of this home worked out. Building code requirements for construction in Minneapolis dictate that 2×4 lumbers are to be used. However, this particular home uses 2×6, which is much larger and provides greater stability. Minneapolis residents will also benefit greatly from the extra space given for insulation. Wider lumber, the article reports, also helps to draw warmer air inside, thereby reducing energy costs during both winter and summer.

Different Windows.

The windows also help a tremendous deal in reducing energy expenses. Now, large windows are typically a double-edged sword. While they do bring a tremendous amount of natural light into the house, allowing the home owner to not be as reliant on artificial light from fixtures, they also release a lot of heat, making homes colder. The windows of the Zero House, however, are double-paned, using a layer of argon gas between two glass panes which absorbs chill.

And So Much More!

Many other things are present in the Zero Home which we do not have time to go over right now. Some of them involve the water heater. Some come from the use of a fantastic HVAC system. This house even uses solar panels connected to the grid to provide all of its electricity! The fact that it was made with the same budget as normal homes is truly astounding and construction in Minneapolis can learn a great deal from this home.

Count on Coty

So we would highly recommend you look at this article and see what all you can do to implement these different changes in your dream home. We could all take away a tremendous amount from the Zero Home if you are looking for inspiration. Be sure to contact us to see what more you could do to enhance your current home to reflect the changing times.

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