The Relationship Between Minneapolis Roofing and Insurance

When an insurance agent is coming to your house in Minneapolis, roofing is one of the first things they look at to determine what your monthly rate is going to be and what kind of a deductible you might have. This particular trend makes a lot of sense. Your roof takes more punishment than any other area of the house and protects both the interior and foundation from rainwater and pests. So this article is going to analyze the importance of your roof and its relationship with home insurance.


Home insurance gives you protection from all sorts of things which could happen to your dwelling. The most basic plans cover natural disasters, like hail, tornado, or flood damage, but further packages can be attached to cover an even wider spectrum of things which could leave quite an impact on your bank account. Basic home insurance packages vary from region to region based on the frequency of meteorological events as well as other factors such as crime. We don’t know the precise details, so you might want to consult your insurance agent to find out what your policy is.

How the Roof is Valuable

One thing is consistent, however. The quality and strength of your roof is a huge detail in how much your payments are. The higher quality roof you have, the lower your payments are likely to be. Likewise, by having a poorly maintained roof with low-quality shingles, you are going to have to pay a substantial amount.

It is for reasons like this that you will want to carefully consider your options in Minneapolis roofing. Some types of roofs are picky when it comes to dealing with some of the winter weather extremes we have up here. An insurance agent will know this and they will take this into account when they are inspecting your home. Asphalt shingles, though cheap, only last for so long up here and are especially susceptible to ice dam formation. Likewise, clay roofing may be extremely expensive initially, but you will save a lot more on your premiums because it is so much tougher.

The kind of roofing you get is dependent entirely on you and your budget, of course. But it is also important that you keep in mind that roofing can affect a lot more than just your home’s style. Making the proper Minneapolis roofing investment can save you from a lot more disaster than a blizzard. It could also protect your bank.

Count on Coty

We can’t claim to be experts with home insurance. But we sure know how to help you build a home! Contact Coty today and ask us how we can help install your roof or set up your dream house. Our experts are standing by.

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