Tile Roofing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tile roofing in Minneapolis is something you do not often find. Users are really contained to just isolated pockets of eccentric individuals with deep pockets and the Southwest. However, tile roofing carries with it a tremendous number of benefits that makes the investment ten times as worthwhile in the long run.

One Illustrious Past

Tile roofs have been present in architecture for hundreds of years. Many cultures have taken advantage of this kind of shingle, such as Japan, Italy, and Spain. For this reason, tile shingles carry with them a sense of timelessness which appeals to many buyers in the present age. They have a distinctive look, are famed for their durability, and have been constructed from a wide variety of materials such as clay.

Why It’s a Smart Investment

Tile roofing gives your home precisely the character it needs without having to sacrifice functionality. Roofs constructed with this material last for much longer than any modern material like asphalt, with some tile roofs lasting for up to a hundred years without ever having to be replaced. The average these days is seventy years, which is a stark contrast to the ten year lifespan of asphalt. Tile roofing in Minneapolis is also quite desirable for keeping out the elements—snow, ice, and rain don’t cause the shingles to rot away. Tile is also a wonderful insulator, keeping your home warm during the winter months much easier than the other shingle types.

Some Things You Should Know

The most obvious disadvantage of tile roofing is the price. There is no flat rate on tile shingles as the size and angle of your roof affect how much the project will cost. So it will require you to get an estimate from a contractor to figure out how much it might cost—and a lengthy sales presentation is likely to come with it. Tile shingles also require real experts to install them as they are very heavy and brittle, leaving them susceptible to cracking. Tile shingles are also practically impossible to repair in the event of a break, causing you to completely throw out the defective shingle and replace it with a new one. Tile roofing in Minneapolis typically requires a great deal more structural support as well due to the heaviness, causing the initial cost of installation to go up even higher.

Count on Coty for All Your Answers

But if you can afford it, you will not make a better roof investment than with tile. You will be warmer, you will experience fewer problems with ice dams during the winter, and it will give your home that sense of timeless style pleasing to you and potential buyers. If you want to learn more about tile roofing, feel free to contact your friends at Coty Construction and ask us about what it would take to bring tile roofing to your home.