Finding and Dealing with Leaks

As a homeowner in Minneapolis, roofing repair can seem like a daunting task. Let’s say you just went through one heck of a winter—and we all know how bad it can get up here. Spring rolls around and all of a sudden, you feel a drip of chilled water on top of your head. You look up, and lo and behold, there is a leak right there in your living room! No homeowner wants to wake up one morning to find a leak had formed—after all, leaks lead to mildew, mildew leads to fungus, and fungus leads to crumbling home value. So here are some ways to identify where the leak originates before you call in an expert.

Identify the Source

The first thing you want to do is actually look uphill from where the leak was first detected. Water has a tendency of rolling down roofs rather than going straight down—that’s the reasoning behind the practice, at least. Look for any penetrations in the shingles such as a frozen nail. If you cannot identify the location that way, use a garden hose to determine where the leak is originating from. You will need to get somebody to help you with this, however, and the process can take several hours. So be sure to properly thank your helper for taking time out of their day.

Some Easy Fixes

Once you have determined the source of the leak, it’s time to deal with it. Some leaks are easy to fix, especially if they involve frosted nails, which are simply roofing nails that have become frozen due to moisture in the main rooms. If this is the case, all you must do is clip the nail with some pliers and then check for mold.

Beware the Mold!

In Minneapolis, roofing repair is primarily concerned with dealing with mold before it can grow. Many specialists will check your insulation to make sure that it hasn’t sustained any damage. Sometimes, if you catch the leak quickly enough, you won’t have anything to worry about. But if mold has accumulated, you will definitely to change your insulation quickly as possible before it becomes a serious health risk.

Ice Dams: The Blight of Winter

However, here in the north, the thing you must be most concerned about is an ice dam forming. Ice dams are literally walls of ice which form when snow accumulates on the roof due to poor flashing—how shingles rest on top of each other. In Minnesota, this is possibly the most common reason leaks occur.

Ask for Help

If you feel like your roof has sustained an ice dam, you will most definitely want to call us for an emergency roof repair. The team of Coty Construction is always focused on quality materials compounded with quality service. We will get your roof fixed quick as switch so you will never have to worry about new leaks forming during the long and brutal winter.