Preventing Injury to Your Metal Roofing

When it comes to metal roofing, Minneapolis is possibly one of the biggest beneficiaries. With the harsh winters we get up here and fairly tight budgets, metal roofs can be a boon for residencies and businesses alike. However, no roof is perfect. This is also the case with metal roofs, which can develop their own problems unique to shingles of other varieties like asphalt and wood. So here are some tips to help you deal with problems that commonly pop up with aluminum or steel roofing.

Metal roofs are designed primarily for large spaces and sharp inclines. Their smooth surface effectively repels precipitation and transports it to the safety of the gutters without as much short-term damage. However, over the long run, metal roofs can develop a number of different issues which jeopardize the building it protects.

Dealing with Leaks

Like traditional shingled roofs, a metal roof can develop leaks. Just like traditional shingles, these leaks form wherever there is an unneeded penetration through the ceiling. Because of the nature of metal roofs, however, the causes for penetration differ.

Metal roofs are constructed with a system of screws and fasteners which keep each beam connected to each other. As such, leaks can form wherever a seam or fastener has become loose. This makes identifying where a leak’s source is much easier than with asphalt or wood shingles. Fixing the leak is just as simple: Simply apply a special roofing adhesive like Polyprene to each gap you find and that will do the job just fine.

Removing Rust

However, there is a much bigger threat you should be worried about when it comes to metal roofing. Minneapolis, as we all know, endures some of the worst winters in the country. Our proximity to the Great Lakes as well cold Arctic air from Canada results in tremendous snowfall. Couple that with the amount of precipitation we receive in the summers and you face a situation that every metal roof will endure: rust.

We all know why rust is such a massive hazard. We all know how it gets there. When metal and water collide, that results in an ugly and dangerous situation which cannot be avoided. While many metal roofs are built with aluminum possessing a waterproof finish, the upper layer cannot hold forever. You will have to deal with it eventually.

Solutions to the Problem.

There are some ways you can deal with rust. Some good old fashioned elbow grease can get rid of it—simply grind or sand the stuff off. But there are other, easier ways of doing it. A variety of chemicals can be employed which either eat the rust or convert it to something that won’t destroy your roof. These are just a few examples of how you can deal with rust. Read our ebook on the matter or contact us to find out more information.