New Home Construction

We need to be perfectly frank here. There are two kinds of custom homes in Minneapolis. The first kinds are those types that are built by people in retirement. But the second kind is built by those who are looking to turn a big profit. Custom homes are nice in the fact that no other home is quite like them. But they can also turn into a big risk.

This is primarily because novice homebuilders and contractors can wind up making some severe mistakes with how the home is set up, what has been used, and even what the location is. So in our quest to help you build the best possible home, we are providing this handy overall guide to help you avoid some bad mistakes in the process of construction.

Location is Everything

The very first thing you need to consider is location. Location can kill a home’s value even if it is expertly designed and constructed. Custom homes in Minneapolis can exist virtually anywhere, but it is key that you find a location that suits you as well as potential buyers. Stay away from railroad tracks and airfields, of course. But also make sure that the ground is stable and you are not building on top of a marsh. Also make sure that your custom home is not too secluded, as that can drive a lot of people away.

Get Solid People

Once you pick the right location, it is time to build. Of course, the obvious thing you want to do is hire a proper contractor with several years’ experience under their belts—like us, for example! We don’t cheap out on poor materials or unskilled labor. But beware if you do decide to tango with the devil. Custom homes in Minneapolis are a gold mine for people who simply don’t know what they’re doing. Those types will wreck your home and destroy its value.

Don’t Forget the Plumber

Another big turnoff for potential buyers is shotty plumbing work. Now, this may seem a little mundane, but plumbing is actually one of the most important things you can put in a house. The overall quality of a custom home in Minneapolis is almost completely set on how good the plumbing is. Bad plumbing and you get flooding, sewage, and blockage. Nobody wants that, especially potential buyers. So don’t cheap out on poor plumbing, either. You will regret that decision.

Count on Coty

Coty Construction has been in the business of building custom homes in Minneapolis for a number of years. Using only certified builders and materials, we will help you make your home the perfect one you have always dreamed of. Be sure to contact us if you ever have any questions about our services or read our e-book to find out more about construction in Minneapolis.