How to Make a Beautiful Room Out of Your Basement

Your basement does not necessarily have to be only for storage space. In fact, with a bit of imagination and with careful planning, you can convert it in a beautiful living room or even into a bedroom. There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to converting basements into habitable space – but we have put together some of the most important ones. Read on and find out more.

Will You Need Planning Permission?

Depending on where you live and on what exactly you want to do, you might need planning permission from the authorities. In general, simply converting the basement into a habitable room will not need planning permission. However, if you want to extend the space on your basement, or even make it higher, you might need a permit. Inform yourself before taking any other step and you can avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

What Is the Best Ceiling for a Basement Room?

You might be tempted to think that a suspended ceiling will make everything look better in your basement. However, aside from the fact that suspended ceilings are not really the thing” anymore, they usually make for a very bad choice for a basement room. The reason you should avoid them is simple: they will make the basement room feel even “shorter” than it already is.

How to Choose the Best Windows for a Basement Room

Generally speaking, basements don’t get a lot of natural light. If you get any chance to make a window in your basement, do it. Even more than that, make sure you choose a window that is as large as possible, to allow for more natural light to get into your basement room. Not only will you save a lot of money on electricity, but you will create a more comfortable space as well.

Pay Attention to the Staircase

Your basement probably has an enclosed staircase. If you want to make this a habitable space (a bedroom, a living room or even a kitchen), remember to replace the enclosed staircase with a banister one. The effort will definitely be worth it because the basement will be instantly transformed into something that looks genuinely great.

What About the Walls?

It is best for you to avoid paneling when it comes to the walls. They might be cheaper now, but on the long run, drywalls will be a much better choice. They are more resistant and they look much better (and much more modern as well).

As for the colors of the walls, choose paint that comes in light or neutral tones. Try to match the colors in the basement with the colors upstairs (or even lighter than those). This will create more “openness” and “light” in your basement.

What Furniture to Choose for your Basement Room

Once you are done with remodeling the basement, you should proceed to furnish and decorate the space. If you want this to look like any other room in the house, make sure you use the same kind of furniture as you would use upstairs. Forget about old couches and pieces you consider worn out and old fashioned. Bring in new, beautiful pieces into your basement room – it will make everything look nice and polished.