Do You Actually Need an Architect During the Construction of Your Home

Although the age of gods and goddesses is well past us, we still live in a world of myth. We might not believe Cronus ate his children or that Hera has a grudge for her half-human stepson Hercules, but we have definitely veiled every aspect of our lives in so-called “myths”. From the way we look up to movie stars to the way we take opinions as pure facts, every single area of our life is surrounded by the aura of “mythology”.

From our household to the way we live our lives and to the way we eat, everything seems related to stories we have heard from our neighbors, aunties and Internet friends. Take building a house, for example. If you have enrolled in such a grand project, you have probably felt confused more than once precisely because you have heard or read about many contradicting opinions.

The fact that you don’t need (or even want) an architect on site during the construction of your home is one of the most commonly spread such “myths”. Is this really true? What are the actual facts surrounding architects and home construction? Read on and find out more.

The Architect vs. the Client

It is commonly believed that architects will simply “draw” the house plan and then hand it in to their clients precisely because they don’t want to take part in the construction process. The truth is completely different though. While you definitely need someone to draw an accurate plan of your future home, you also need the same person to be there during the actual construction of the building too. Why so? Because an architect will know very well how to “decipher” the plans for the contractors and how to collaborate with them for the success of the entire project.

The Architect vs. the Contractors

Another commonly-spread belief is related to the idea that architects and contractors don’t really get along. Many people believe that bringing the architect and the contractors on the same site will eventually lead to “professional quarrels”.  Furthermore, many people believe that contractors should automatically be able to “read” the drawings (because, well, “it is their job”). Both of these ideas are completely wrong and you should definitely not pay attention to them if you plan on building a new home soon.

The Architect vs. the Costs

The idea that bringing the architect on the site will cost more is probably one of the most popular “myths” surrounding architects and their role in building houses. In reality, this might not be an actual “myth”, but simply a poor way of understanding things. Yes, hiring an architect on site will cost more – but it will also lead to better results. Sure, a contractor’s opinion is well worth it and you should take it into consideration – but only when it is related to his/her actual job (whatever that may be: roofing, plumbing, electricity and so on). When it comes to opinions related to the plans of the house, an architect will be the one you should listen to.