Roofing Emergencies: Dealing with Ice Dams

All this weather in New England has got us thinking how moderately lucky we have been in Minnesota. With our winter being rather temperate lately, you have probably not had a tremendous amount of trouble with your roof. But we must always remember that here in the great white north, roofing in Minneapolis really does take a beating year after year. The primary culprit, we are convinced, is the formation of ice dams.

The Trouble with Ice

Now, you can’t live in a Minnesota winter without seeing icicles form your neighbor’s (or even your own) roof. These have long been symbols of winter, but the truth of the matter is that icicles, and the ice dams they originate from, are a nightmare for roofs. Ice dams cause all sorts of problems as they form such as gutter damage, shingle damage, and severe leaks. Of course, all those other things result in massive problems for the rest of the house, ranging from foundation damage to forming mold and mildew.

So needless to say, if you’re going to be living here, you need to know how to deal with ice dams before they cause costly harm to your home. There are a couple of simple tricks you can do, however, to preserve your roofing in Minneapolis during the winter.

Here is the Remedy

One of the most basic things you can do is simply blow cold air into your attic. Now, this may seem a little strange, but it’s all based in the science of how ice dams form. Everybody knows that heat rises. That is why you need to have your heaters constantly running during the winter if you don’t have a radiant barrier. This detail is important because heat from your house accumulates in the attic on the underside of your roof. At first glance, it might seem like this will keep ice dams from forming. But the eaves and gutters, which rest outside of your home’s sphere of influence, remain cold. As a result, all that snow which has melted off of the roof proper flash freezes on the eaves, forming a dam. You can counter this effect, however, by simply taking box fans and aiming them at the roof, keeping it cold. This will prevent snow from melting and allow you to rake it off easier.

The other simple trick is contacting Coty Construction. We have seen ice dams many times before and are here to help you fix any of your roofing emergencies.

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