Making Smart Choices for Winter Roofing in Minneapolis

All this bad winter weather going on on the Atlantic coast got us thinking about our own weather situation. Minnesota annually gets some terrific snowfall which surely wreaks havoc on roofing in Minneapolis. So we wanted to look into how custom homeowners should be able to combat this problem and make the most out of their roof against the snow and ice. During our research, we actually came across this Forbes article which addresses specifically this problem and boy, did it make a lot of sense. Let’s look into what they said.

Don’t be Too Complex

Their first tip was use a simple gable. Now, a gable, in layman’s terms, is the point from which a roof declines. If roofing is an arrow, the gable is the arrowhead. But when you build a house with seven gables, you wind up taking away from its overall stability. Ice dams will form much easier. So if you want to avoid that, go with just a single gable. They are in style, anyways.

Avoid Skylights

Openings in the roof apply to two things: holes and leaks, obviously; and skylights. Roofing in Minneapolis should not use skylights as these also weaken the integrity of the roof. Many disasters have occurred because snow shatters a skylight and floods the house. Instead, use large windows along the sides to bring in sunlight, as these are more easily protected against the rigors of the Minnesota winter.

Keep Obstacles Out of the Way

Most houses nowadays have a chimney. Chimneys lead to fireplaces, which provide a tremendous amount of warmth and class to a room. But if a chimney is located near the edge or in the middle of a roof, that causes yet another impediment against snow rolling off of the side. Of course, this contributes the formation of ice dams. If you want to avoid this, instead position the chimney at the highest point, along the ridge. This will limit obstacles and make it easier to shovel the roof clean.

Know Your Materials

Roofing in Minneapolis usually comes in basic asphalt. However, asphalt is not a good material to use to prevent ice dams from forming. Leaks will happen almost every season if you use asphalt shingles. Instead, look to some of the alternative materials. Wood shingles do a great job of managing snow. But the best material is easily metal, which is turning into a more popular roof type as folks look for easier ways to keep their roofs clear. It is also a recyclable resource, making it great for environmentally aware homeowners.

Count on Coty

Here at Coty Construction, we have a great deal of experience handling and installing metal roofing in Minneapolis. We want to help you make the transition easily and at an affordable cost. contact us for more information.

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