Is Vinyl Viable for Construction in Minneapolis?

Vinyl siding is something of a sore subject when it comes to construction in Minneapolis. No other construction material is as polarized as this one. For some, it is a cheap, effective, and dependable material which lasts for a long time and can easily be painted over. For others, it is an eyesore which should be traded out for a “proper” siding material such as wood. But whatever side you might be on, vinyl siding does have just as many advantages as it does disadvantages. Let’s look them over so you might decide for yourself if it’s the right type for you.

Here is What You Get

Many of the benefits of vinyl siding have already been exposed by supporters of the material. It is the cheapest type of siding on the market right now, as it’s built almost completely of plastic. The fact that plastic is the main material also makes vinyl extraordinarily versatile; in other words, it can be painted without a great deal of prior treatment like wood. You will often find upper stories, side lots, and back lots utilizing vinyl in order to cut costs during construction in Minneapolis. Another advantage vinyl has over other types is that it is lightweight yet durable and fire resistant.

And This is Why You Should Avoid

However, vinyl is not all peaches and cream. There are some glaring disadvantages with it are mostly associated with how it looks and how it is commonly used. Vinyl has always had a stigma against it for being “low income” and this is due partially to the cheapness and the overall look. Nobody wants to live in a plastic house and yet vinyl very much looks like that, even if it’s painted. This is why many houses built as part of development projects do not use exclusively vinyl, as that decreases the resale value substantially.

That is another risk you take when you decide to implement vinyl at a custom home. It will not look attractive to buyers and you’ll be forced to decrease the price. Some critics will even argue that you should outright avoid vinyl for construction in Minneapolis as you will not receive a full return on your investment.

Certainly a Tough Decision

However, many people recognize that vinyl is the best option they have and it is wonderful if you really want to customize the exterior design of the house. If you really wanted to, you could paint purple polka dots and make your home the talk of the street! But who are we to tell you what to do? It’s your house. We are just the ones who build it.

Count on Coty

Coty Construction has been building homes for a number of years and are familiar with all the nuances regarding construction in Minneapolis. Contact us today to find out how we can make your dream home a reality—plastic walls or otherwise.

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