Insulating Your Windows for Next Winter

March is here and the annual thaw has begun. At last, you get to see what the damage is to your house and find out the best ways to combat the problems of last year before the next winter begins. Minneapolis construction companies spend thousands of dollars to build the perfect home but not every contractor is perfect. Some things slip through the cracks and it’s up to you to find them and fix them.

Winter Windows—Big Problem

Now, we are willing to bet that one of the problems you encountered from this past winter was the biting temperatures outside managing to get inside through drafts. Believe it or not, drafts occur dominantly around windows rather than doors. This is mostly because windows are not as big (in most cases) as doors and are typically opened up on occasion rather than on a daily basis. But you also must keep in mind that there are more windows in a house than exterior doors. So drafts can make life miserable when the Minnesota winter rolls around.

Dealing with the Issue

There are several ways you can deal with drafty windows, however, and most of them are quite inexpensive. Whether you bring in a Minneapolis construction company or just do it yourself, these solutions will help you control internal temperatures most effectively.

Set Up Curtains.

One of the trendiest and most effective ways you can deal with a drafty window is by simply putting up a curtain. Curtains do more than just preserve your home’s privacy when drawn. They also insulate the glass and prevent cold air from getting inside. But not just any curtain will do. You need something heavy. Think of the window as a person and the curtain a blanket. A light blanket never keeps you warm. The same concept can be applied here. While heavy curtains will block out any views of the outside, we get enough snow in Minneapolis anyways that it probably doesn’t matter.

Install Rubber Sealing.

The one thing which is more effective at preventing drafts than a heavy curtain is rubber sealing. Rubber sealing is available at virtually any home improvement store for extremely cheap prices. Rubber sealing is also known for being quite simple to apply and lasts a long time. While curtains are more concerned about blocking chill on the glass from getting inside, sealing prevents cold air from getting in through the cracks at the side and bottom. Just be sure that you use rubber sealing with caution as it can damage paint if you don’t get your measurements right.

Count on Coty

Both of these methods will help you insulate your windows and keep the next winter away from your home. It does not require the assistance of a contractor familiar with Minneapolis construction, though there are many things you can do from a building standpoint to prevent drafty windows. Be sure to contact Coty for more information.

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