How to Choose a Roof for Your Home

Every aspect of building or remodeling a new home is important, especially when you expect your investment to last for years. Your roof is no exception and you should definitely pay attention to how you choose it. How do you do this? How do you make sure you have a sturdy roof “over your head”? Here are some roofing tips to help you decide what’s best for you and your particular situation:

Know What You Are Searching For

Before you even leave home to “hunt” for the perfect roofing, make sure you know what you are looking for. There are four main types of roofs out there: shingle, metal, cedar and the so-called “specialty” roofs. Shingle is the most common choice in most of the housing projects because it provides people with a unique blend of affordability, durability and quality. Also, keep in mind the fact that shingle roofs can be made out of organic materials (the more traditional option) or out of fiberglass (the more modern option).

Metal roofs are also quite common because they are very durable and because they help keeping the remodel affordable as well. Cedar roofs are usually used on houses that look “natural” and, when chosen properly, they can also be durable and beautiful. Last, but not least, “specialty” roofs usually refer to flat and low-slope roofs and they are more commonly encountered with commercial buildings.

In the end, this choice is entirely up to you. Decide what you want your roof to be like and go for the option that feels “ideal”. The most important features to look after are durability, cost and appearance and it is up to you which of these features matter more in your particular case.

What Color and Design Should You Choose?

These days, roofs come in a huge variety of colors and designs and, again, it is entirely up to you what you choose. However, keep in mind that you might want to stay away from “fad trends” and from very “unusual” colors and designs – especially if you don’t plan on replacing the roofing very soon. Take a good look at the design of your house and at the surroundings before deciding on anything and your roof will look absolutely great.

Pay Attention to the Contractor You Choose

You will probably not want to install the new roof on your own – and this means that you should search for a good contractor. Bear in mind that good roofs are almost nothing when they are not installed properly, so you should never overlook the importance of a good, experienced contractor. Search for someone who has real experience in working with your type of roofing and make sure you check out their online reviews as well. When doing this, try to avoid the reviews that feel like “praising” or “downgrading” anything too much and stick to those well-balanced reviews that show both the pro’s and the con’s of working with a particular service provider.

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