Four Most Unique Homes in the World

The death of Leonard Nimoy today is a major loss to the nerd community. His portrayal of Spock, the scientific officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek series, was truly a defining role both for him and the science fiction genre as a whole. Now, one wouldn’t think that this Nerddom tragedy would have much to do with construction in Minneapolis, but the science fiction genre has, as a whole, inspired a tremendous amount of truly unique designs which show off the architecture of the future. While we couldn’t find any homes inspired by the Enterprise, we did find these efficient retro homes to help get you inspired.

4)The Flintstone’s House

Though there are no homes inspired by Star Trek, we did find this TV-inspired home which follows a Flintstone’s motif. This home was actually owned by the creator of The Flintstones and currently goes for 3.5 million dollars on the current market! Now that’s what we call the most expensive cave on the planet. It even comes with built-in period furniture.

3) The Slide House

Construction in Minneapolis is typically focused on making things not quite as slippery or slide-y as normal homes (need to protect against winter ice, after all). But this home in Japan takes sliding to the next level! Called the Slide House, this small, three-story family home in Tokyo forsakes stairs in favor of slides, which connect all three stories from the top down, making it a blast for the kids and truly futuristic design.

2) The Water Tower House

In the Star Trek future, folks are far more environmentally conscious than they are now. True, things have gotten better in recent years. But homes which reuse old structures still come one in a thousand. This is why this home in Belgium truly caught our eye. The family who lives here converted an old, derelict water tower into one of the best homes you have ever seen. With the large number of old buildings around here, some of them unused for years, this could prove a great model for further construction in Minneapolis.

1)The Transparent House

Everybody always says to avoid having a glass house for nobody wants the world to see in on their lives. But in the case of this house, that is exactly what the family apparently wants. Citing a desire to live their life without privacy like in the old days, this Japanese family built a house which is completely transparent. Floors, exterior and interior walls, and even the stairs are built of clear plastic. While certainly lacking in privacy, we can certainly see how a house like this would be easy to clean and even easier to maintain! But it definitely tops our list of the most unique houses.

Count on Coty

You may or may not want to build a house like these for your next construction project in Minneapolis. But we certainly can believe it if you want to make it as you as possible. So contact Coty and find out how we can help give you home of your dreams.

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