Fiber-Cement: Best Material for Construction in Minneapolis

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about different materials and how they can help you put up your dream home. But construction in Minneapolis, for the most part, is hampered by the difficult winters we endure up here and the effect the elements have against certain types of roofs and siding. Asphalt shingles, we all know, do not last very long up here. Neither does vinyl siding. In fact, there are only a few materials which actually work for years upon years despite the heavy snow. The siding we are talking about today is one of those and it truly stands as possibly the best siding material you can use in Minnesota.

Many Benefits for You and the Building

Fiber-cement siding is a relatively new material, in use only for the past twenty years or so. However, it is possibly one of the greatest things to be invented in the construction industry since the bulldozer. Fiber-cement siding, to put it simply, takes the best of all your classic siding materials, such as wood which we have discussed already, and puts them together into a seamless unit which is appealing to the eye. It possesses the durability of masonry with the classic look of wood, making it an outstanding material to be used during construction in Minneapolis. It is fireproof, termite-proof, and rot-proof. It doesn’t weigh a great deal and can be painted over easily like vinyl. It maintains a nice aesthetic to your custom home. Even better, especially for Minnesotans, it is quite effective at thermoregulation so you never feel any temperature extremes.

The benefits don’t end there, however. Oh no—just because it carries a tremendous number of benefits doesn’t mean that it has a tremendous price tag. Fiber-cement is almost as cheap as vinyl, making it one of the best deals on siding you could possibly ask for. This is possibly primarily for two reasons: First, it is as easy to install as wood or vinyl; and second, it requires only four ingredients to make: water, wood fiber, Portland cement, and fly ash.

Is There Anything Bad to Say?

So what are the disadvantages? Of course, there are a few. Labor is going to be your biggest cost because fiber-cement is brittle and can break fairly easily. Because it requires specialized knowledge for proper installation and sealing, you do need to hire a professional who knows what they are doing regarding construction in Minneapolis. Fiber-cement can also dry out if it is left unsealed, so you need to keep an eye out for bubbling or decay as the years go by.

Count on Coty

But if you are building a custom home, you couldn’t ask for a better material. Coty Construction is quite knowledgeable with many of these materials, including fiber-cement, and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us to find out more.

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