DIY Roof Repair: How to Replace Damaged Wood Shingles

Minneapolis roof repair is something which should not be taken lightly. The condition of your roof is very much linked to the condition of your house in general. If there is a leak, mildew and mold are growing. If there is a hole, you will find yourself in a flood from above. So it is extremely important that you regularly check on your roof, especially following severe weather.

Now, most types of shingles require a contractor to come out and replace them. This is especially the case with asphalt and metal roofs as both require some expertise to make sure they are properly in place and do not cause injuries. However, there is one type of shingle you should be able to fix yourself: wood shingles.

The Benefits of Wood

Wood is a popular alternative for many people in need of quality roofing as it is not only a renewable resource, but it can also make for a quick and easy repair. You will find that many folks who prefer DIY roof repair in Minneapolis will turn to this source as they can easily replace one or two shingles without ever having to call a contractor. So if you are one of these folks, here is how you can easily replace a wood shingle.

The Step-by-Step Guide

Keep It Clean. To pull off this DIY roof repair, you will need a prybar, a slater’s ripper, hammer and nails, and a wood block. The first thing you need to do is clear the roof of all debris, including pine needles. You don’t want to have anything from the outside getting trapped in the shingles as they bring moisture with them—moisture that leads to leaks.

Prepare for Removal.

You will then need to use the pry bar to carefully loosen the nail of the damaged shingle as well as the nails of the two shingles above it. Be careful you don’t remove it, however! If you use the pry bar to remove the nail, you could cause damage to the good shingles, thereby resulting in more costs for you.

Get Rid of the Broken Shingle.

Removing the nail is left up to the slater’s ripper, which is the most important tool you can have for Minneapolis roof repair. This tool will enable you to grasp the nail safely and more easily prevent damage to the other shingles. If the nail won’t budge, feel free to use a hacksaw to remove the head and then pound the point out with your hammer. Once again, be careful about damaging other shingles. Once the nail is gone, you should be able to carefully lift the damaged shingle out and dispose of it.

Put In the New One.

In the new shingle, hammer a pair of nails into place at a forty-five degree angle, point aimed towards the ridge. When you slide the replacement into place under the existing shingles, then you will be able to hammer it into place. If the shingle is not quite aligned with the rest of the row, use the wood block and hammer against the bottom edge to gently force it into place.

Count on Coty

Once you hammer in those two nails you loosened earlier, your DIY roof repair is done! Contact Coty if you have more serious roofing issues or if you have a few more questions.

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