Our post about wood shingles and wood siding last week got us thinking: There is a lot more to be said about energy efficient construction in Minneapolis than just what materials you use. There is a massive demand for extra care to be taken when it comes to energy efficiency and people love hearing about how homes and buildings are set up in ways that are friendly to the environment. So, because we are always looking for ways to help people save money on their home while also being friendly to our Minnesota environment, we are starting this series on green building techniques.

Green Building is King Here

Energy efficiency is one of the key issues with many Americans these days. Where it was once something of an ambiguous topic, now people are looking for better ways to build homes without it impacting their environment badly. This focus is especially evident in in Minneapolis construction projects. According to the Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment, “more than 10,000 businesses and 50,000 Minnesota families” have adopted energy efficient techniques on a personal level to help lower their energy bills.

Why We Should be Green (From a Building Point of View)

But there is still so much more to be done! Yes, recycling helps tremendously. But we can’t just be content with setting out bins full of plastic and cardboard every few weeks. We also need to adopt new techniques with how we approach construction in Minneapolis. Many programs are out there right now which provide the tools and drive we, as contractors, need to clean up our buildings and make them limit their carbon footprint even more.

The LEED Program

For starters, there is the LEED program. The LEED program is run by the U.S. Green Building Council, an agency under the jurisdiction of the Department of Energy. When a contractor or architect applies for the program, the DoE sends an agent down to the site to closely observe everything going on at the site. Nothing is left unobserved—even the trucks are looked at to determine how much gas they used to transport materials, what kind of gas they use, and their impact on the environment.

When the building is complete, the agent presents a scorecard to the building owner’s telling them how impactful their project has been on the environment. There are three different levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It is a tremendous achievement to be given even the Bronze certification for Minneapolis construction. These are techniques which could prove hugely beneficial to the Minneapolis homeowner.

Count on Coty

This is why we are starting this series here on our blog. We want to know more about how to be cleaner and we want to help you feel cleaner as well. Contact Coty to find out more information about our techniques and the materials we use. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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