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Tag Archives: Roofing

Minneapolis Roofing and Recycling Materials, 16 Mar 2015
16 Mar 2015

When we were in the process of doing research about eco-friendly building techniques, we found a number of different articles that talked about how Minneapolis roofing materials can be used in other things. For a long time, we were dominantly concerned about how recyclable materials can be used towards roofing but not so much how […]

Finding the Right Roof Contractor, 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015

Picking the right roofing contractor in Minneapolis can be a tedious and long affair. With the Internet being as big as it is, there are many folks out there who claim to be professionals without actually being one. It is up to you to decide which one to go with, but we are sure you […]

How to Replace Your Tile Roofing in Minneapolis, 25 Feb 2015
25 Feb 2015

When it comes to materials for roofing in Minneapolis, tile is one of the most popular. While the material itself is quite expensive and installation follows that same trend, the price is well worth the investment as tile roofs last many years longer than any asphalt or wood roof. In addition, they are fire-resistant, wind-resistant, […]

Making Smart Choices for Winter Roofing in Minneapolis, 18 Feb 2015
18 Feb 2015

All this bad winter weather going on on the Atlantic coast got us thinking about our own weather situation. Minnesota annually gets some terrific snowfall which surely wreaks havoc on roofing in Minneapolis. So we wanted to look into how custom homeowners should be able to combat this problem and make the most out of […]