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Tag Archives: Minneapolis construction

Minneapolis and St. Paul Construction: What Are the Differences?, 18 Mar 2015
18 Mar 2015

Though folks nationwide call Minneapolis and St. Paul the “Twin Cities,” they really couldn’t be further apart than they are. There are some definite differences between these two places both in attitude and architecture. So when you are a part of the Minneapolis construction industry like we are, it would behoove us to be familiar […]

Insulating Your Windows for Next Winter, 11 Mar 2015
11 Mar 2015

March is here and the annual thaw has begun. At last, you get to see what the damage is to your house and find out the best ways to combat the problems of last year before the next winter begins. Minneapolis construction companies spend thousands of dollars to build the perfect home but not every […]

Green Minneapolis Construction: Finding the Right Location, 23 Feb 2015
23 Feb 2015

When you want to build something which is environmentally friendly according to the U.S. Green Building Council, you have to consider a lot more than just the building itself, such as its layout and some of the technology attached to it. You also have to consider different materials and transport, among other things. But before […]

An Introduction to Green Construction in Minneapolis, 16 Feb 2015
16 Feb 2015

Our post about wood shingles and wood siding last week got us thinking: There is a lot more to be said about energy efficient construction in Minneapolis than just what materials you use. There is a massive demand for extra care to be taken when it comes to energy efficiency and people love hearing about […]