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Tag Archives: construction in Minneapolis

Construction in Minneapolis and Temperature Regulation, 09 Mar 2015
09 Mar 2015

When you’re in the process of constructing an energy-efficient house in Minneapolis, there are many things you need to consider. Where is it located? What kinds of materials are being used? Are they being harvested locally or trucked across the country? But one of the most important questions you need to ask is: How do […]

construction in Minneapolis
What Can Construction in Minneapolis Learn from the Zero Home?, 02 Mar 2015
02 Mar 2015

When we started to make energy-efficient construction in Minneapolis our focus every Monday, we went into it believing that there is not a single home out there which embodies “energy-efficient” so well that it literally has no emissions. During the course of our research, however, we did find one which has not only reduced its […]

Four Most Unique Homes in the World, 27 Feb 2015
27 Feb 2015

The death of Leonard Nimoy today is a major loss to the nerd community. His portrayal of Spock, the scientific officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek series, was truly a defining role both for him and the science fiction genre as a whole. Now, one wouldn’t think that this Nerddom tragedy […]

Bricks and Construction in Minneapolis, 20 Feb 2015
20 Feb 2015

With over a month spent on how different types of siding affect construction in Minneapolis, as well as the value of your home, you would think that we were just about finished. The fact of the matter: We are. From the wonders of composite siding to the issues regarding vinyl, we have talked about every […]