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Wood Shingles: Viable for Construction in Minneapolis?, 11 Feb 2015
11 Feb 2015

Wood has been a popular roofing material for hundreds of years and today it is still widely used for construction, in Minneapolis and everywhere else for that matter. Indeed, aside from asphalt, wood is probably the material you find most often protecting a home against the elements. But just like the other roofing materials we have discussed in this blog, it has just as many disadvantages as it does advantages. It is up to you to find out what these are; and it is up to us to help you get that knowledge. So let’s get started on this task.

What You Gain

As we mentioned before, wood has been one of the most popular materials to use for building roofs. It has been around just as long as tile but doesn’t carry the same sizeable initial cost. That is probably one of the primary advantages of wood shingles: they are cheap. Though they aren’t quite as cheap as asphalt, you get a value that is at least comparable in certain areas of the country and lasts much longer. If you are good about maintaining your roof, wood shingles can usually last up to fifty years. In addition, wood shingles are the easiest material to install, driving the price of construction in Minneapolis down substantially, and they are also very easy to replace: simply remove the damaged shingle and replace it with another one. Wood shingles are also especially appealing to Minneapolis homeowners in that they are quite durable in adverse conditions.

What You Must Put In

Wood shingles do come with their set of flaws, however. In addition to normal problems you will find with any roofing material, such as the formation of leaks, you do have one other thing to consider: mold and mildew. Wood is unique from other shingles in that it can rot away as a result of mold. Because it is a naturally occurring shingle type, you do have to keep in mind that moisture-proofing the roof is essential to prolonging its lifespan. If you don’t, you might as well put in asphalt instead. Wood is also a severe fire hazard, obviously, so you need to make sure that your heater is up to standards and that the wood itself is kept clear of any intense heat sources. Wood is also susceptible to decay from prolonged exposure to light, so you need to protect it against the sun as well.

Count on Coty

If properly maintained, a wood shingle roof can be a boon for your next construction project in Minneapolis. It lasts seemingly forever, is a sustainable resource for all your greenies out there, and comes in a variety of colors which make it attractive to many potential buyers. If you have any questions about wood shingles, be sure to contact Coty. We can provide all the answers you seek.

Roofing Contractors in Minneapolis and Flat Roofs, 09 Feb 2015
09 Feb 2015

When you are running a business and require a separate place to work, you are most likely looking at one of the three places to set up: your own home, a large office block, or a smaller lot on the town square. For two of these, you are most likely looking at a building with a flat roof. Now, a flat roof is entirely different from a sloped roof in more than just its form. How it is built, what materials are used, and even how it functions differ from sloped roofs such as you find on most houses.

What a Bad Roof Can Do

Flat roofs require a very specific knowledge which only a few roofing contractors in Minneapolis know. An improperly constructed flat roof, though easier to build than sloped roofs in that they can be stood on without as much risk of falling, can cause massive problems for your building in short and long run. The biggest problem, obviously, is the formation of standing water, which not only promotes faster degradation of the roof, but also provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. So it is important that, if you are hiring a roofing contractor in Minneapolis, you get one who knows what they are doing.

Look for the Right One

Here are a couple tips for you to follow in order to determine if somebody you are looking at is familiar with flat roof construction.

  • Look at the price. Flat roofs are never cheap because they require a specific set of knowledge and skills to construct them properly. A normal flat roof will cost anywhere between $400 to $1,000 every 100 square feet. If a roofing contractor in Minneapolis is offering something cheaper than that, proceed with caution. They might just be looking to swindle you.
  • Be familiar with common flat roof types. There are three major types of flat roofs which have their own methods of installation. You can get a summary about them here, but we recommend you familiarize yourself with all of them in order to figure out which type is the best for you.
  • Look for the warranty. Virtually every roofing contractor in Minneapolis will offer a ten- to twenty-year warranty on their work. Ignore the ones which don’t have one. Roofing repair is expensive and you don’t want to pay later on for their bad work.

Count on Coty

By following these tips, you will be able to make a smart decision about your flat roof. If you have any more questions regarding flat roofs, be sure to contact us or check out our e-book for more information. Coty Construction is dedicated to helping you get the best deal on your home and roof in all of Minnesota. We hope to hear from you soon!

Is Vinyl Viable for Construction in Minneapolis?, 06 Feb 2015
06 Feb 2015

Vinyl siding is something of a sore subject when it comes to construction in Minneapolis. No other construction material is as polarized as this one. For some, it is a cheap, effective, and dependable material which lasts for a long time and can easily be painted over. For others, it is an eyesore which should be traded out for a “proper” siding material such as wood. But whatever side you might be on, vinyl siding does have just as many advantages as it does disadvantages. Let’s look them over so you might decide for yourself if it’s the right type for you.

Here is What You Get

Many of the benefits of vinyl siding have already been exposed by supporters of the material. It is the cheapest type of siding on the market right now, as it’s built almost completely of plastic. The fact that plastic is the main material also makes vinyl extraordinarily versatile; in other words, it can be painted without a great deal of prior treatment like wood. You will often find upper stories, side lots, and back lots utilizing vinyl in order to cut costs during construction in Minneapolis. Another advantage vinyl has over other types is that it is lightweight yet durable and fire resistant.

And This is Why You Should Avoid

However, vinyl is not all peaches and cream. There are some glaring disadvantages with it are mostly associated with how it looks and how it is commonly used. Vinyl has always had a stigma against it for being “low income” and this is due partially to the cheapness and the overall look. Nobody wants to live in a plastic house and yet vinyl very much looks like that, even if it’s painted. This is why many houses built as part of development projects do not use exclusively vinyl, as that decreases the resale value substantially.

That is another risk you take when you decide to implement vinyl at a custom home. It will not look attractive to buyers and you’ll be forced to decrease the price. Some critics will even argue that you should outright avoid vinyl for construction in Minneapolis as you will not receive a full return on your investment.

Certainly a Tough Decision

However, many people recognize that vinyl is the best option they have and it is wonderful if you really want to customize the exterior design of the house. If you really wanted to, you could paint purple polka dots and make your home the talk of the street! But who are we to tell you what to do? It’s your house. We are just the ones who build it.

Count on Coty

Coty Construction has been building homes for a number of years and are familiar with all the nuances regarding construction in Minneapolis. Contact us today to find out how we can make your dream home a reality—plastic walls or otherwise.

Metal Roofing: Advantages and Disadvantages, 04 Feb 2015
04 Feb 2015

Metal roofing in Minneapolis presents a pleasant and tempting alternative to traditional asphalt or wood shingles. They give a unique character to the house, just like any unique type of roof, but there are plenty of other characteristics that make it appealing, such as its durability and simplicity when it comes to maintenance. However, there are other things to consider as well which could be unappealing to somebody looking at a new roof. So here are some details about metal shingles that you should be aware of.


Metal roofing is the go-to style for environment enthusiasts everywhere. Easy to install and requiring very little maintenance afterwards, a house with metal shingles is one of the most durable on the market. Because metal comes smooth and in wide planes rather than small boards, it is quite effective at funneling rainwater and coping with harsh weather conditions, such as snow and hail. This makes metal roofing ideal for water collection. Metal panels are also a striking design choice which is sure to raise a few eyebrows in curiosity. But the biggest benefit of all comes in the fact that metal roofing is oftentimes recyclable, making it easy to replace in the event of irreparable damage.


There are some things you need to be aware of, however. For starters, metal roofing is very expensive despite being a renewable resource. While you can save some money by using corrugated metal, it still requires a specialist to install considering the weight of individual panels and the presence of sharp edges. Metal roofing in Minneapolis also has a tendency to rust faster because of the weather conditions we endure here. Metal roofs are also colder, making it easier for ice dams to form (though they are quite effective at warding off heat during the summer).

To Sum It All Up

However you may look at it, metal roofs do have an aesthetic and functional charm about them. They have been used both on sheds, gazebos, and patios as well as full-blown homes. They last just as long as tile shingles without being quite as expensive and present a strong case for themselves here in Minnesota because of their weather-coping capabilities. Indeed, you shouldn’t let the disadvantages ward you away from seriously considering replacing your asphalt shingles with metal.

Count on Coty

We want to help you make the proper decision and our experts are available any time you want to ask a question. We have been providing metal roofing in Minneapolis for a number of years and it’s possibly one of our strongest suits. So if you have any questions about metal roofs and how they can enhance your home’s value, feel free to contact us or check out our e-book to find out more.