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Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners today choose vinyl siding as an option for the outside of their home because it provides several benefits, including superior protection from the elements and a low-maintenance beautiful exterior. While vinyl siding is one of the lowest maintenance materials you can find for your home, it does occasionally get dirty and require cleaning. Here are some simple steps to keep your vinyl siding looking great year after year.

Wash Regularly

If you purchased vinyl siding because you loved the fact that it was “low maintenance,” don’t worry, washing it regularly doesn’t need to be a big chore. Every one to two years, simply spray it down with your garden hose to get rid of the dirt and dust that collects over time. If you find areas that have spots that won’t come off with just water, use a mild soap or detergent that you have around the house and scrub it with a soft brush. These simple steps will clean about 99% of all the stains on your vinyl siding. For more advanced stains, consider calling professionals that work with vinyl siding in Gladwyn to help.

Treat Vinyl Kindly

Vinyl is designed to withstand some abuse, and is a great protection against the everyday wear and tear that homes experience from Mother Nature, but it’s not something that you want to beat up on a regular basis. Try to avoid striking it with things like baseballs or lawn tool handles, and avoid parking things like lawnmowers and bicycles right up against it. Vinyl siding in Gladwyn won’t dent, but it could break, and if it does, it will require repair.

Inspect for Damage

When you get outside to do your spring yard work every year, add a quick outdoor vinyl inspection to your list. By checking all the vinyl siding on your Gladwyn home you can ensure that you spot small dings and dents early so you can get them repaired before they become bigger (and more expensive to fix) down the road. Check for things like missing or damaged pieces of vinyl, loose pieces, and streaks or stains that could indicate water leaks or moisture behind the siding panels.

Vinyl siding is intended to be a beautiful addition to your home, and with some simple maintenance every year, you can keep it looking like the first day you had it installed.

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