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Category Archives: blogs

Biggest Mistakes for Custom Homes in Minneapolis, 06 Apr 2015
06 Apr 2015

We need to be perfectly frank here. There are two kinds of custom homes in Minneapolis. The first kinds are those types that are built by people in retirement. But the second kind is built by those who are looking to turn a big profit. Custom homes are nice in the fact that no other […]

House of Straw and Construction in Minneapolis, 03 Apr 2015
03 Apr 2015

When it comes to building construction in Minneapolis, there are many different materials that come to mind. Concrete, wood, brick—you name it, we probably have it. But one material that has largely escaped notice would be one of the oldest: straw. Now, we are all familiar with the story of the three pigs. As such, […]

Preparing for Sinkholes and Other Natural Disasters, 01 Apr 2015
01 Apr 2015

It’s true! Minnesotans everywhere are in danger of those terrifying holes that open up in the earth every so often. With all the soft ground present here in addition to old mining operations happening in this part of the country, thousands of quality pieces of construction in Minneapolis and elsewhere have crumbled into nothing as […]

Minneapolis and St. Paul Construction: The Best Homes, 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015

It goes without saying that Minneapolis and St. Paul construction projects have a lot to meet up to. Both in the Twin Cities and the state as whole, there are pieces of architecture and design that are truly something to behold. It can be daunting figuring out how to make your custom home exactly what […]